Faraz Irfan
Address: House # 47 Street # 1 out fall road,
Email: farazirfan47@gmail.com
Mobile: +923219459004
Matriculation: Central Model School
Lower Mall Lahore
Period: 2000-2009
Intermediate: Islamia College Civil Lines
Lahore Period: 2010-2012
Bachelors: COMSATS Institute of
Information Technology, Lahore
Programme: BSSE (Bachelors in Software
Period: 2013-2017 (continued)
Grade: A
CGPA: 3.21
Technical Skills
Development: Software Applications, Databases, Web Applications
Languages: C++, Java, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript/JQuery,Webgl
Development Tools: Net Beans, IntelliJ IDE, Eclipse, PHP Storm, Visual Studio 2015, Blender,
Make human, MeshLab
Systems: Windows
Databases: MySQL, SQL
Frameworks and Libraries: Bootstrap, Three.js, openCV
Area of Interest: Web Development, 3D Programming, Computer Vision, Virtual Reality
Personal Qualities
High Grasping Power.
Keen Intellect.
Can work under pressure to meet deadlines.
Flexible team player.
Trykr.pk : Virtual Dressing Room
This is a web base application that enables users to try clothes on their realistic
3D model generated by just one single 2D image.
Languages: C++, PHP, Python
Libraries: openCV, Boost, EOS
Tools: Blender, Make Human, MeshLab, Visual Studio
Demo: http:// www.farazirfan.com/trykr
Price Snitch
It’s an e-commerce price tracking web application that enables users to track
price of any product from online e-commerce stores all over the world and get
notified when price get low.
Languages: PHP, JavaScript, MySQL
Link: http://www.pricesnitch.co.nz
Auto Ad Uploader
It’s a web app that is made specifically for the client to auto upload property
ads to linkaholiday.com and lankapropertyweb.com by just hitting the one
Language: PHP
FEW Forum
It’s a game website discussion forum where people can ask question about
game related problems and find important information about game.
Link: http://www.fewgame.info
Language: Java, JQuery, JavaScript, HTML/CSS
Betting website for online betting on sport events and for custom bets
included admin panel.
Language: PHP, Bootstrap, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, JQuery
Link: www.moolabattle.com
One Page website for the latest news, data is gathered using crawling from
different websites in php.
Language: PHP, Bootstrap, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, JQuery
One way ESCAPE 2D Car game
Language: java
Student Management System
Language: Java, MySQL
Mr. Mohammad Mohsin Mehdi / Lecturer
COMSATS Institute of
Information Technology,
Contact: +923124068767